About DH Press

DH Press 2.5 is here! Learn more or download the plugin.

Welcome to DH Press Beta, our Digital Humanities Toolkit, formerly known as the digital public humanities toolkit (diPH, pronounced “diff”). This innovative, open-source toolkit reimagines the NEH-funded “Main Street, Carolina” project (Digital Startup Grant awarded 2009) with an eye towards ease of use. DH Press transforms “Main Street, Carolina” from a custom-built software package to an easily installed WordPress plugin. The plugin enables administrative users to mashup and visualize a variety of digitized humanities-related material, including historical maps, images, manuscripts, and multimedia content. DH Press can be used to create a range of digital projects, from virtual walking tours and interactive exhibits, to classroom teaching tools and community repositories — all at the touch of a button through the WordPress content management system architecture.

Because DH Press is built on the WordPress platform, it is flexible, repurposable, extensible, designed for both technical and non-technical users.  Building DH Press on WordPress offers the following important benefits: 1) its CMS provides a stable and robust core, 2) it allows us to tap into a broad community of developers and users and in the WordPress community, and 3) it facilities agile development through plugin modification. Building DH Press on top of the WordPress CMS results in a truly sustainable, open-source, and extensible toolkit that can be used and re-used across the globe.

WordPress’s plugin architecture allows for open and unlimited enhancement of features and functionalities.

DH Press 1.0 was initially developed by the Digital Innovation Lab in collaboration with Joe Hope of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI). It continues to evolve independently in the DIL.

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