Project Showcase

The Digital Innovation Lab has created several projects to highlight the range of DH Press’s capabilities. Our first three projects are featured here on this site:

Mapping the Long Women’s Movement
Charlotte 1911
   |   Recovering Hayti

Featured Project

Ellis-Zaytoun-and-Isabel-De-KashMapping Early NC Lebanese Households launched in February, 2014 as part of the Cedars in the Pines exhibit at the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh, N.C. This project maps Lebanese households in select North Carolina cities from 1900 to 1930, allowing visitors to explore the geography of Lebanese communities and learn more about Lebanese immigrants, their families, and others—such as boarders—with whom they lived. The project was created in collaboration with the Khayrallah Program for Lebanese-American Studies at North Carolina State University, and has been optimized for display on a  27″ Lenovo Tablet.


2013-2014 Projects

Check out our latest DH Press projects:


Spring 2013 Classroom Projects

The following projects were created in AMST 840: Digital Humanities/Digital American Studies (Spring 2013). Many of them are still in development. Read more.