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DH Press Training Resources

You can download today’s PowerPoint presentation.


Account: Each of you have been set up in a temporary DH Press Sandbox site. You should have received an email asking your to confirm your account setup. Please let us know if you haven’t received that, or were unable to confirm your account.

Access: To access your site, navigate to At the end of the URL, type your first name and last initial (no spaces or capital letters). For example:

After the Workshop: These sites will be deleted shortly after today’s workshop. If you wish to keep yours active, or request a new site, please email Pam Lach.


Data Exercise 1: Download sample Census Enumeration pages here.

Training Data: We’ll be working with a set of training data pulled from our “Charlotte, 1911″ project. We have created six variations of the training data, each with about 40 data points. You can download any of these versions. You will need Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. If you are using Numbers for Mac, please let us know. Training Data Link.

Additional Data: Additional data sets are available to download here. These will be used for our final session, “Building a DH Press Project from Scratch.”


All DH Press documentation is linked out from this website: documentation link.


Finally, please complete this survey to let us know how the training went, and how we might improve future trainings. Thanks!