DH Press 2.0 and 2.5 Training Resources

The following are the links you’ll need for today.

Demo Project: Musicians 2.0 Test Project

Data: The data for today’s session can be accessed here. There are several data files available for you to work with:

  1. DHP2.0-Test-Data-Musicians.ods (Open Office spreadsheet file)
  2. DHP2.0-Test-Data-Musicians.xlsx (Microsoft Excel file)
  3. DHP2.0-Test-Data-Musicians-UTF8.csv (csv file encoded as UTF-8)
  4. DHP2.0-Test-Data-Musicians.csv (regular csv file)

You only need work with one of the files provided; each version is the same.

Project Configuration and Settings: Documentation for how to set up your project is dependent on the version of DH Press you are using.

version 2.5: If you’re working in the environment, you are using version 2.5; use this documentation, which includes details about how to set up the new visualizations.

version 2.0: If you are working in the test site provided, or in your own environment, you are using version 2.0; use this documentation instead.

DH Press Documentation: Explore the full documentation (still a work in progress) here. Documentation for DH Press version 2.5 can be accessed here.

Getting Started (for the UNC Community): If you are using a site, you will be using DH Press v. 2.5, which features many new visualizations. Please follow these instructions to get set up:

  1. create a test site
  2. activate the DH Press plugin (Dashboard > Settings > DH Press)
  3. you may need to change your theme (some themes may conflict); Twenty Twelve is the most stable (Dashboard > Appearance > Themes)
  4. load the base map library (Dashboard > Tools > CSV Importer) – download the file
  5. optional, load the NC historic map overlay library (Dashboard > Tools > CSV Importer) – download the file (not required for this test data set)
  6. set your permalinks (Dashboard > Settings > Permalink > Post Name)

If you have a UNC Onyen but can’t set up a site, request to be added as a user to Pam’s UNC Test Site.

Getting Started (Beyond UNC): If you are not a member of UNC and you don’t have your own WordPress installation, you can use the DH Press test site. The test site uses v. 2.0, which has fewer visualizations.

Access the 2.0 Test Site: and click Site Login on right sidebar, or navigate directly to

Assigned Logins (see Pam):

  • 1test
  • 3test
  • 5test
  • 6test
  • 7test
  • 8test
  • 9test
  • test4

Pam will provide password information.