Use DH Press

Want to use DH Press?

Do you have your own installation of WordPress? Get the latest version of the plugin from GitHub. You will also need to install the base map library before you can create a map entry point (download the map library for versions 2.0 and later here). There is an optional overlay map library of NC historic maps, as well.

We recommend that you select one of our release versions to install, rather than downloading a development versions (which may be buggy). Master and Development branches will need to be altered slightly prior to import: download the zip file, rename the “trunk” folder and re-zip the file. Whichever version you choose to use, you won’t need any additional plugins to activate DH Press. See our documentation for details. Older versions of the plugin are still available for download.

We apologize, but we are not able to create new accounts in our DH Press Sandbox at this time.